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I'll try anything once (I guess...)

Huh, I just got mugged. Never happened to me before, but there you go. I was walking home from a party (down Elmdale, no less, quite a quiet street) and some guy cut in front of me. As I was apologizing for almost bumping into him, another guy jumped me from behind and they started hitting me. I found this to be quite surprising, and not at all pleasant.

I said, "Hey, hey, hey, what's the problem here?" and, it turned out, the problem was that I hadn't given them any money. Easily remedied.

They asked for my phone as well--it's badly cracked, and perhaps renter's insurance would have covered it. Then again, it's my uber-phone, and that would have been a terrible loss. Calling upon years of vocal training, I said as loudly and as clearly as I could, "Twenty bucks, you got twenty bucks. That's all I've got." As I hoped, this sufficed to alert the neighbors, one of whom kindly yelled "Leave that guy alone!" out the window.

All in all, nothing to write home about, save for the astounding novelty. My head hurts a bit, but I doubt I'll have a black eye or anything. In fact, I felt that if I didn't write it out here, by tomorrow it would be but a ahzy memory, and next week I'd think it had been a dream (though not an especially happy one). Oddly enough, it all reminds me of junior high.

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W00t! Lying to muggers is a family tradition. I guess $20 is pretty cheap admission to such a character building experience. Hey! At least your feet weren't amputated by the ride.
posted by Scott on June 24th 2007.
Jesus, you were mugged? Were they BLIND? Or was the street full of 7'3" men and you just happened to be the tiny guy by default?
posted by Otter on June 27th 2007.
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