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The Darkness That Comes Before: The Prince of Nothing Book I
by R. Scott Bakker

Too Nietzschaen for my taste, and I was very disappointed that in had too many Standard Fantasy Elements--including loads of character-specific misogyny and an almost-rape scene. The guy's made up an entire magic system, and he has charts in the back the trace his fictional languages back the the fictional root fictional language, but all he can do is cut-and-paste the Crusades?

On the other hand, it's not as bad as loads of stuff I've read in my time, and I devoured the book. Many of the things are quite interesting--the main character, for example, who can read you thoughts by observing the muscle groups of your face, and who brings enlightenment to everyone, but only so that he can use them as pawns--and I have the next book in the series.

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