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Bad Day

I used to have a website, sixbynine.com, where I stored my professional info. This was on a friend's server, and I also used it for other things. I had a running tally of how much money I owed Katya, and vice versa, and I have a month-by-month update of which bills I had to pay, how much I'd paid last year, &c. Every payday I could just run down the list and check them off, it was pretty sweet (and it was all done in AJAX, by the way. The page never reloaded).

[14:59] Boshrala: if it was just the super blocks i'd say a good chance to get it back
[15:00] Boshrala: but other partitions on the drive had heavy sector damage
[15:00] Boshrala: so it looks physical

In other words, who knows there's always the chance that I'll get the data back, but it seems likely that every scrap of it is gone.

Oh, yes, and our game of Lexicon is gone.

And my entire theatrical portfolio (although I do have the photos).

In other news, it looks like I owe $776 to the IRS, up $276 from last year for no apparent reason.

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Oh, we have our reasons.
posted by IRS on February 12th 2007.
Ack! Did it take our whole Lexicon game with it, too?
Very sad, on many counts.
posted by Zanne on February 14th 2007.
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