Everything You Know About the Lustiness
Why Do Birds
by Damon Knight

Fascinating book. Set in 2002, it's about this guy named Ed Stone, who claims that he was kidnapped by aliens in 1932 and placed in suspended animation for seventy years. He further claims that they put something in his brain so that even though he was terrified of them, he also loved them and trusted them. Finally, he claims that by 2012 he needs to have constructed a box big enough to hold all of humanity, and that all of humanity needs to climb inside before the earth explodes.

What makes this book so very, very interesting is that Ed Stone has a special ring, given to him by the aliens--whenever the ring touches someone, they like him and trust him.

This means that throughout a lot of the book there is relatively no pathos involved. People are told that the earth will be destoryed and that aliens want them to build a giant box to fit all of humanity, and their first considerations (after shaking hands with Stone and touching his ring) involve logistics--how big will the box need to be, where should the project be located, &c. I really loved that.

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posted by Trisha Giles on October 13th 2008.
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