Everything You Know About the Dissensions

Ok, whatever system this game will ultimately require, I'm going to save up for it. That's all there is to it. If I have to buy a Pentium 4 Extreme and a ATI3600Blitzkrieg graphics card, that's what I'll get. XBox 360? Perfect. In fact, if Will Wright launches his own console, that can only play this game and nothing else, hell, I'll buy that thing, it's amazing.

Here's a summary of why I want this game so much, but my main point is that you should watch the E3 video, even though it's 18 minutes long. There's also this video, which is smaller but isn't a tech demo, just a conceptual one. It blew my mind entirely.

So, the game starts with you as a single celled organism, and it's kind of like Pac Man--you travel around and eat up dots, running away from the bigger things. After you eat enough dots, you get bigger and can now eat the little things eating the dots.

After you eat enough little things, you can mutate--adding extra arms, extra legs, teeth, whatever. The game is smart enough to animate your creature on its own, so that one-legged thingies hop, and eight-legged thingies crawl. Of course 8-legs are faster than one, but if you have enough teeth you can eat any 8-leggers you can catch, &c.

So you explore the world as your little creature, eating other things (you can be an herbivore, a carnivore, scavenger, whatever). After you've et enough, you mate with one of your species (and, just like the walking, the mating animation is determined by the computer, and depends entirely on how many legs &c. you have). When your new eggs hatch, you can evolve some more (extra claws, more legs, whatever), and you play the game as the new creature.

Eventually, you evolve enough intelligence to form tribes, and the games switches into Sim City / Civ mode, where you control an entire population and build buildings, fight wars, make allies, &c. You can design your own aesthetic for the buildings, the tanks, all of that as well.

Eventually you develop a space ship, and you can fly that around augmenting it, getting better weapons, cloaking devices, warp drives, &c. You can leave the solar system, and then leave the galaxy and fly around the universe. He's promising millions of stars, each of which has planets, each of which has different types of creatures. Some (I think) are computer generated, but as many as possible will be created by other players around the world, who have also evolved their distinct little creatures up from slime molds. You can make alliances, go exploring together, declare intergalatic war, &c. &c. &c. Nuts. It's just nuts. It's the Game of Games.

At the top there are examples of the types of creatures. Remember that these aren't "standard body types" that you can paint or something, as with games today. And they aren't "artists renditions"--these are all created by the players (the software engineers, in this case) and they are actual screenshots... And I've seen the video--they have the technology now, and it really works!!!

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