Everything You Know About the Strangled
by Robin McKinley
A pleasant book about a baker who discovers that she is a magic-user, and she fights vampires. What more do you want, really?

In general I prefer to read about entirely competent main characters (a Beowulf, for example) who excell in everything that they do. Oath of Swords, for another example.

Sunshine, the titular character, is a pretty crappy mage, and goes through a lot of irritating self-doubt (get over it, you can tranmust things with your mind, enjoy it!) but in other aspects of her life she is competent enough that I liked reading about her. I also like a book in which not all of the mysteries are solved by the end... Is Mel really a wizard? What more magic can she do? &c. &c. I'd read a sequel.
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posted by Gale Armstrong on October 13th 2008.
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